4 Types of Bloggers


  • Confident, assertive, to the point, bold, hard hitting
  • Comes on strong
  • Skips small talk gets right to the point
  • Has strong options and convictions
  • Doesn’t care if the truth makes others uncomfortable


  • Ideas, inquisitive, analytical, logical, academic
  • Likes to debate
  • More concerned with what people think than how they feel
  • Fact junkie, likes to point out the evidence, Likes references to be listed/available


  • clear communicators, compelling story tellers, good listeners,
    vulnerable about your personal life
    Can make links between your experience and that of other people
    Makes connections between experience and fact
    Likes to use illustrations


  • People person, relational warmth, conversational, friendship/ relationship oriented
  • Compassionate
  • Focuses on people and their needs
  • Likes to be connect socially, responds to every comment

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