August Round Up

August started with a volunteer gig for the Mid-Summer Arts in the park. This is the second year I have volunteered (3rd year of the festival.) I love that Albany has events like this that celebrate the creative side of our community. I really don’t mind giving one Sat a year to sit and do crafts in the park with kids.

11960279_10153833655223455_7192861036453735583_nAugust also ended with a volunteer gig at the opening day of the Oregon State Fair where my little helper and I volunteered at the booth for Oregon Women for Agriculture in the morning. We played a trivia game with guests to the booth to see what they knew about agriculture.

Example questions:

Q: How many eggs can a commercial hen lay a year? A: 250-250

Q: How many yards of yarn are inside a baseball? A: 121 yards

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell secrets on a farm? A: Because the potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears.

Later we got to explore the fair our selves, even meeting Smokey the Bear (pictured right.) (Can you guess who was more excited to meet him?) Did you know the real Smokey is from New Mexico. You can read more about that here.

I finished up the new site for 1st Hand Seconds and it’s sister Mercy House in August. I love working on sites for local non-profits.

I wrote a weeks worth of email devotions for client You can see one of them below. If you like it sign-up to receive more, I’ll be writing about one weeks worth a month.


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