Branding Twitter Profiles


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Are you making the most of your presence on Twitter? If you haven’t branded your Twitter page yet you are missing out on opportunities to maximize your message. There are 3 areas where you can add branding to your page.

1. Your Twitter Profile Picture

A good profile picture will not only catch your eye as your scrolling through a twitter feed, but it should be clear, something that can easily identified as your brand. Try to stay away from the selfie’s in front of the mirror, or group photos, or a logo that gets clipped. A .jpeg image 160 x 160 pixels is best for twitter profile pictures.

Bonus: To extent the power of your branding use the same image as your favicon from your website.

2. Your Header Picture

Called a personality piece by some, the twitter header is the centerpiece of the new twitter layout. The header shows not only on your profile page, but in the preview window when someone clicks on your name in the twitter feed. It’s not the place for a call to action, but rather a strong visual. For my personal Twitter feed I use a background image that is also on my home page and Facebook cover, creating a consistent visual identity across platforms. Twitter suggests using and image 1200 x 600 pixels, but 600 x 300 works well too.

You can change your header picture and your profile picture from your profile by clicking on “Edit.”

3. Your Background

Customizing the background of your twitter profile will help you stand out. It’s an great place for a call to action or to extend your brand or to just show you went to the effort when setting up your page. The default background with clouds send the message that you just didn’t bother. It shouldn’t be overlooked. Your background image can be any picture you have legal rights to. It should be at least 1600 x 1200 pixels.

If you want to take it to the next step and customize it with a call to action or other info you will need to start with an image 1600 x 1200 and then create a work space 235  x 700 pixels in the top left corner of the image. Inside that leave yourself a 5 pixel margin on the top and the left. What’s left is the space you have to work with. Make sure you choose a font that will be easily read because Twitter will resize your image for various monitors.

You can change your background image by going to settings > design.

Taking the extra effort will pay off in a professional looking twitter profile, it’ll lead credibility to your brand, and increase the likelihood that your first impression will lead to further connections.

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