Check Your Privacy

Privacy is almost as important to social networking as sharing. Sharing the wrong information to the wrong people can be bad for business or your reputation. And there are just somethings you don’t want the whole world to be able to know. Facebook offers privacy protections, but how do you know they are really working?

A new tool has been created to help you out. Type in your username on the web site below. (what comes after on your profile page. If you haven’t set a custom username it will probably be a bunch of numbers.) Or go to to set one.

You will see a box like this come up.

If the information is inside of the metadata/ connections box then it’s private. But private might mean it can still be seen by friends of friends. So you still have to be careful what you share.

Fan pages/ Business Page can check on their provacy too. It looks something like this.

If you’d like to change your privacy settings. Go to Account/Privacy Settings as seen below.

The two important areas I would check to make sure my informations was being protected are “Personal Information and Posts” and “Search”

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