Comings and Goings

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Comings and Goings

Life as a freelancer seems cyclical sometimes. That is one of being caught in a cyclone! If you haven’t noticed it’s been a while since my last blog post here. That’s because I’ve been so busy keeping up with my clients (and playing with my goddaughter) I’ve hardly had any time for the “business of my business.”

The two busiest times in freelance content management are when you get ready to hand off a client to someone else and when you start with a new client.

It happens sometimes you loose clients, it’s not usually your fault. They change leadership, sometimes they dissolve their business, sometimes they have to make cuts and since you’re not the landlord or power company you rate high on the list of cuts.

Recently my client Renovar√© went through some leadership changes and in those changes it was decided they would no longer be working with the communications company that sub-contracted to me for content management. I greatly enjoyed the year I worked with Renovar√©, and was grateful for the opportunity to attend their National Conference in Houston this April. They even had me on a workshop panel titled “Spiritual Formation in 144 Characters.”

New Client- Fellowship CommunityAs we spent most of May getting ready to hand off this client I was also busy ramping up the work I do for A client I started with just this Feb. We’ve finally got our plan for emails, blogs, social media, and web content put together and I’ve adjusted my workflow for them. I’m excited about this new opportunity and loving the work I’ve been able to do on their social media so far. Check out their Facebook and Pinterest pages please!

I’ve also started working with a group called Fellowship Community. It takes a couple of months to get into the grove with a new client and although it’s been mostly editing blogs so far I know that a lot more will be coming down the pipeline.


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