Creating Your Recipe for Success

Areas of Expertise:

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Search Engine Optimization

Content Management:

Blogs, Email, Etc.
Social Media Management (Facebook ,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Etc.)
Audience Analysis/ Social Analysis
Project Management

Work Experience:

I began using a computer when I was very young. Then starting in middle school I was introduced to BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems) which is how people connected to the net at the time. Using our 2400 baud modem I would dial in to an all ASCII (text only) service and leave messages, do research and play games. After graduating high school I went to work for AOL, then the largest internet service provider on the planet. On the side I began creating websites either using raw html or services like Angle Fire and Geo Cities.

While continuing my education and working in various other fields I continued to make websites as a side hobby, teaching myself the “new” coding language CSS to help in their development. In 2010 I began pursuing clients for a part time freelance business. By 2012 I was working as a full time doing web development and content management. See my endorsements page to learn more about the clients I have served.

Professional Development:

Longridge Writers Group

Sygenta Leadership at It’s Best

Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Speaking Engagements:

First Baptist Church of Brownsville 2018

American Agri-Women Conventions 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Oregon Women in Timber Annual Meeting 2014, 2015

Oregon Women for Agriculture Convention 2013

Renovare Conference 2014