#Foodthanks in Western Oregon

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#Foodthanks in Western Oregon

Living in Western Oregon we are especially blessed with good weather to grow a range of foods. This means that getting local produce is fairly easy. You can u-pick everything from berries, apples, peaches, and pears, to pumpkins, and Christmas trees.

Even though we live in the city right now, I have a herb garden and strawberry beds. My husband grows hops on our back porch. My grandmother supplies with fresh garden goods as long as I keep her computer running. She grows peas, beans, cucumbers, corn, lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, carrots, all kinds of squash, and more.

We get our milk from Lochmead dairy and our eggs from Willamette Egg Farms both of which are within an hours drive of our house. Our beef comes from the son of a farmer I used to drive combine for. Our chicken is from Foster farms which has locations up and down the valley. (My husband can tell you just where because he delivers to all the chicken farms. He’ll also tell you how nice those chicken have in in their climate controlled buildings, where the humans have to wash-in wash-out and replace the sawdust under foot often.)

Western Oregon is home to one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country, and the highest per capita number of micro-breweries. We have Tillamock cheese, and Rouge Creamery both of which are national award winning cheese factories.

The Oregon coast is home to Dungeness crabs, and salmon. Plus the Southern Oregon coast grows sweet cranberries.

I think sometimes we forget how spoiled we are. We need to remember that even though we live in a land of abundance that it’s still hard work to grow the food for our tables, and spend some time saying thank you to the farmers who make it possible. That why I’ve taken the time on my busy day before Thanksgiving to give some #Foodthanks.


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