Google Docs as Sign-Up Sheets for Events

Recently the Oregon Women for Ag (OWA) have asked me to help them manage their sign-ups for the Oregon State Fair booth they manage every year. The booth is run entirely by volunteers, and coordinating volunteers with local chapters that are spread across the state is not easy. So this year they are trying a tech solution using Google Docs.

To set-up an events sign-up like the one for OWA is pretty simple. The person setting it up will need a Google or Gmail Account, but once it’s set-up with the settings I’ll show you below, anyone with the proper link can access it.

Step 1

Login and go to Google Docs. Click on Create New then choose Spreadsheet.

Step 2

Next you’ll need to change the Privacy setting. Click on Share to the far right of the screen.

You’ll be asked to give your project a name before you proceed.

Once you’ve name your project click Share again and you’ll see a drop down menu. Choose Sharing Settings.

A new box will come up showing the current setting, which is probably Private- only the people listed below can access. Click Change to the right of the current setting.

Another box will come showing you your options. There are 2 places you will need to check to make the sign-up sheet work. First choose Anyone with the link. Then make sure the box in front of Allow anyone to edit is checked. Then choose Save.

Step 3

A new box will pop-up when you click save. This box has the link you will use when sharing this sign-up sheet. You can also send it in a email, or post the link to Facebook or Twitter from this page. When you are done click Close.

Now you can edit and save you spread sheet like normal. Remember to tell those who will be signing up through you spread sheet to click FILE > SAVE when they are done.

Here is the finished product for the Oregon Women for Ag State Fair Booth Sign-Up.

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