June Round Up

I’m starting a new thing with my blog to chronicle the highlights of the past month. June was a pretty busy month. Besides making updates to clients websites, and posting what feels like a billion blogs and social media post I also do some writing for clients.

I wrote two short blogs for my favorite feel-good client Forever Changed International.

I also wrote two longer blogs for Wellness Consultants as part of a series about local food which I will be continuing in July.

I edit a daily inspirations email and blog for Godspeaks.com this month the devotions are quite a bit more edited and update than previously. A couple of my favorites.

I was also able to relaunch my side project Clear Expectations to it’s new home and expect to be blogging more there in the next month. For now check it out at clear-expectations.net

I took the time in June to write a letter to the EPA about proposed changes to the Clean Water Act. In short it would expand their control to every ditch, puddle and pond in the country. A huge government power grab that threatens all property owners, but especially farms and ranches with vague language. So after writing to the EPA I posted a blog to the Oregon Women for Agriculture site encouraging others to also make comments.

My new client Fellowship Community wanted to spice up their blog posts with images so I created these title images for them.

What is REAL Community? Living Life Together is Messy

Koinonia x 2 The Quality of Our Relationships


All in all a busy month and a good one.

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