Making Text Grams

Quote Generator

For my client’s Facebook page I have been making these text grams to go with a daily post about the Names and Character of God. I have two main tools I use to quickly make the text graphics. The first (of which you can see examples below is quote generator. I like it because it is really easy to create weighted text. When the box “apply static font size” is unchecked the lines with fewer characters are bigger and the lines with more are smaller. Playing around with a verse or quote you can make some really stand out graphics and download them with the press of a button. (I love it that they don’t require you to have an account.)


The second site I use allows more customization of the background, but doesn’t do the automatically weighted text. And unlike which is browser based textgram is an android app (see examples below.) Having a choice of backgrounds, and being able to upload my own, plus the customization of font coloring and frame are nice features. Yet even on my Nexus 7 its clunky to move the text boxes around, and takes much longer to create an image than the quote generator. However it’s important to have variety, and text gram offers that. (Also without having to create an account.)

Other Sites

The number one other site I see get recommended is Recite (see examples below.) However you have no control over the size of you text, it’s weight or color. And they insert their logo at the bottom of each picture. I quickly decided that this wasn’t the site to use for my client, but you may enjoy it for your own uses. Another option is which once again just puts your quote on a background. They have a lot of background choices, but that is the only choice. It would be great if they allowed you to resize the font. You are stuck with their choice for font, size and color.

So those are my top pics picks. Do you use any other sites or apps to make text grams? Let me know in the comments.

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