October Round-Up

October was a month with a lot of changes. The biggest one being getting up to speed as staff at Oak Creek Christian Center were I am taking on the duties as Children’s Ministry Coordinator. I’ll be officially commissioned later this month.  During October though I was getting up to speed on staff planning, budgeting, and scheduling… you know all those exciting kinds of things. However I love being with the kids, and that make all the difference.

I had the kids from kids church try to guess my age for my birthday last month. The guesses ranged from 22 to 100, with 32 being the most commonly guessed age. I’m going to leave you guessing though.

A reminder from GodSpeaks.comOctober is also election season, you know the one where your mailbox is full of ads, you can hardly watch TV any more and you have to screen your calls. In Oregon the hot-button issue of GMO labeling was on the ballot. Eventually I had to give my 2 cents on the issue. Read my “No on 92” post on the Oregon Women for Agriculture page.

I worked on wrapping up my work for GodSpeaks.com in October. While I won’t be doing daily posts any more because of some leadership changes they are going to contract with me for consulting.  I loved the work I did for them, but when they director stepped down the organization just didn’t have the energy to do a schedule as ambitious as the one we had been doing. Being a third party contractor I wasn’t involved with the conversations that lead them to cut back. I truly wish them the best and will see how they use my consulting services in the future.

While I was wrapping up with GodSpeaks I was amping up with Fellowship Community helping them launch their Advent Experience and change their website for a more seasonal look.

October 19-25 was Oregon Forest Products week and I helped client Oregon Women in Timber post a special series of post on their Facebook page to celebrate. My favorite was the one below:  “Today, 75 percent of Oregon’s timber production comes from forestlands that are owned by companies, families and Native American tribes. As active forest managers, these owners are leaders in sustainable forest management practices. To accelerate growth and improve yield per acre, they optimize methods of reforestation, thinning and fire and infestation prevention, while protecting natural resources such as water and fish and wildlife habitats.

Oregon Forest Products Week

That pretty much does it for October. November is here and the election is over, we can all look forward to thanksgiving and football now… Go SEAHAWKS!!!

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