Online Reputation Management Starts In Person

To the managers at the coffee house I visited this morning:

There are 3 reason I visit a coffee shop.

  1. Enjoying Coffee!
  2. I’m meeting someone there
  3. I’d like to use the internet

Today I had a meeting with some folks, and they suggested we meet at your shop. I decided to come a little early and work on my invoices (internet based) while enjoying my coffee.  That didn’t work out at all like I planned.

First lets talk about the coffee, it was expensive $4.25 for a 20 oz. iced latte with sugar free vanilla. I don’t mind paying that much for a GOOD cup of coffee. Unfortunately for you the coffee wasn’t good, it was weak on coffee and strong on flavoring. Which in and of itself wouldn’t have caused me to leave you bad reviews. I probably wouldn’t have even bothered at all over just a bad cup of coffee, but then we get to my second point….

Secondly I couldn’t connect to the internet. I tried several ways, on more than one devise, and got nothing. So no internet means no invoices are getting produced before my meeting. I could have just stayed at home for another hour.

Then when I brought it up to them their excuses were, I kid not, “the radio is working so the internet must be working,” and “PC’s have trouble connecting. Just keep trying.” I never did get connected. But what sent me over the edge was the way they blew me off, no help, no apology, nothing. It didn’t matter to them. I didn’t matter to them.

So that’s why I went and left them 1 star reviews;  2 of my 3 criteria for visiting a coffee shop were busted, and they treated me poorly.

Yelp Ratings

In the world of online reputation management customer experience is king. Contrary to popular belief most online reviews are positive. Yelp says ” as of June 2013, about 80% of Yelp reviews are 3+ stars.” People are more likely to talk about the things they love.

On foursquare people are only give the chance to like or dislike a business. Since foursquare encourages it’s users to become the “mayor” of venues by visiting them repeatedly, users are also more likely to mark a business as a favorite.

It all comes back to customer experience. You don’t fall in love with businesses that treat you poorly. And even if you don’t leave a negative review you won’t recommend them to friends.

The internet may have changed how people share word of mouth, but it didn’t change why.

Good experiences not only lead to repeat business, but to fans who will give you good reviews. If creating those positive experiences doesn’t come naturally, or you need a refresher, or just some fresh ideas check out

Here what they had to say in a recent blog, “Here’s the fantastic thing about word of mouth: The good guys win. The companies who earn our respect and recognition — the ones we tell everyone about — do it by doing truly wonderful things.” – See more

So back to the coffee shop; bottom line is that it’s not mediocre products that lead to negative reviews it’s when customers feel they’ve been treated badly. So take the time to make sure their experience is a good one.

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