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Pinterest for Good

I was recently asked to create a Pinterest strategy for my client Forever Changed International which runs an orphanage called Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. After doing my homework, and looking around to see how other non-profits have been using Pinterest I developed the following strategy:

1. Mix posts/pins from the FCI webpage with post of Christian Sayings, Bible Verses, and Inspirational Quotes.

2. Post from the FCI webpage are broken into 3 categories/boards; 1-Missions (I would like to add people who have gone to DP on Mission trip to this board as a group board, so they can add pins of their trip. Makes it a social board and may increase interaction/reach.) 2-Pictures from our blog would go onto the “At Dorie’s Promise” board. 3-Forever Friends Board which would link back to the “view” page for an individual child, and include Sponsor child’s name and age $35/mo, this adds a special banner on Pinterest.

3. Have another group board for pictures of Guatemala. Maybe even expand this to board for Guatemala City and Anitgua.

4. Pin frequency of 2-3 times per week. At least one pin on the Forever Friends board a week, mixed with other pins for the other boards. For the first 3 weeks pin frequency should be 4-5 times per week to get the ball rolling.

5. Promote via Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

6. Tweet pins from Missions, At Dorie’s Promise, and Forever Friends

7. During the first three weeks follow 5-10 board each time we pin. Ask Facebook friends to like or comment on a certain pin, so that we can follow them back. Maybe create an “I’m a Fan of Dorie’s Promise” pin that they can repin, so that we can follow them.

The my two main goals were to 1. make it social and 2. link it to ways people could support the organization. I did the social aspect by creating group boards that we will add followers to as the page grows. The second goal I met by creating board to pin items from our website, and using the $ tag to add to our Forever Friends pins, which link back to the sponsorship page for that child.

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