Posting Poetry : Helpful Code

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Posting Poetry : Helpful Code

Share and share alike, is the general rule in blogging. Most bloggers if they quote your material will mention and link to the original source. So for the general blogger I don’t suggest using this bit of code that I’m going to share with you. That’s because it will keep people from highlighting and copying anything inside the div you use it on. For a regular blog this would be considered pretty rude, and might loose you readership and any referrals from other sites. However, for blogs like my Book Review blog, where I occasionally post original poetry, this code can protect your otherwise unpublished work.

Poetry is different than the regular blog post it’s not share and share alike, and it’s very easy to claim credit for something someone else wrote. High schoolers do this all the time, whether for a report or a note to their girlfriend. Plagiarism is a poets nightmare. Copyrights and publishing is a quagmire, and you may want to share some of your work while waiting on official processes. That’s where this little bit of code comes in handy.

It took me a while to find a code that worked well in wordpress. Use this code to wrap around the text you want to protect in the text area of wordpress.

Opening Tag: <div style="-moz-user-select: none; -webkit-user-select: none; -ms-user select: none; user-select: none;" onmousedown="return false;">

This area is protected. You cannot highlight and copy it.

Closing Tag: </div>

Using Code to Protect Text


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