Q&A: Creating a Hashtags

Q. I have an event coming up and would like to create a hashtag for it. How do I get started?

A. There are really only two steps to creating a hashtag:

1. Search for it to make sure its not already in use. You can use twubs.com or www.hashtags.org. Twubs will also let you register it (but most people don’t bother to check the “registration” of a hashtag.) It will however, help you track the usage of the tag.

Example: A group I’m involved with is American Agri-Women, those of us in the group often refer to it as AAW. So you’d think that the hashtag #AAW would be perfect for us. But most of the tweets on that tag are for AIDS Awareness Week. Even though we’ve “registered” for the hashtag. So we’ve opted to use the tag with the year attached for our national events, #AAW2012 or #AAW2013. It’s not fool proof, but it helps.

2. Start using it. Most hashtags are just made up in the spur of the moment while creating a tweet. The more it gets used the more official it will feel.

Example: #Ivegotagoodfeelingaboutthis #whitepeopleproblems #proudtobeafanof, the list of  made up hashtags that get passed around goes on and on. The recent mix up with the hashtag #nowthatchersdead shows the confusion of a poorly worded hashtag. See Twitter Conundrum: Who Died – Thatcher, Hatcher or Cher? for more in-site. The lesson? Since hashtag can’t have spaces in them choose wisely and use capitol letters. #ThatsMuchBetter

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