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Creating Your Recipe for Success

#WordlessWednesday June 27th, 2012

First batch of home grown strawberries in the freezer.

#WordlessWednesday June 20th, 2012

Best way to upcycle/recycle liquid laundry detergent bottles is to use them as tempera paint cans. You can pour the paint into the lid as a painting cup, and it will drip back in to the container when you put the lid on. (I drill a couple of extra holes in the top to help…
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#WordlessWednesday March 14, 2012

Items for a “Fun in the Tub” basket our donation for the Oregon Women for Ag auction.

#WordlessWednesday March 7th, 2012

This past weekend at the Oregon Women for Agriculture annual meeting I was elected as the corresponding secretary for the group for the next 2 years. That’s me on the right.

#WordlessWednesday Feb 8th, 2012

The fun things I get to do at my part time job at an after school program includes playing with liquid nitrogen. Of course its really a demonstration of the states of matter… but still loads of fun.

#WordlessWednesday Feb 1st, 2012

How NOT to make pigs in a blanket- use little plastic sword toothpicks to hold them together while baking… mmmm melted plastic.

#WordlessWednesday Jan 25th, 2012

Payments are even better with notes like this attached!

#WordlessWednesday Jan 11th, 2012

At the Oregon Coast with our Saudi exchange student.

#WordlessWednesday Jan 4th, 2012

A little grainy I know, but this is why I wasn’t at #agchat last night; Oregon beef, Idaho potatoes, home-cooked goodness.