The Round-Up Is Back!

It’s been a busy 2015 so far. I’ve mostly settled down into my new part time position as the Elementary Children Ministry Director at Oak Creek Christian Center, which I started in Nov.  I am also still active with the local library board and working on the up-coming summers estate planning series that will be hosted by the library.

April was the month of updates, as WordPress released version 4.2 and then a few days later 4.2.1 because a security vulnerability was found in the original release. Backing up and updating 30 or so sites takes quite a bit of time.

Google also made a major change this month and several sites that I manage got mobile friendly make-overs.

See: Google to websites: Be mobile-friendly or get buried in search results

I still have several sites on my to-do list, but here are two that got new responsive themes due to the change.

The ServeINC Website The Website for Dr Burdell of the Wellness Consultants

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