Update: Facebook Admin Email

Now that Facebook has launched it’s new timeline feature things are moved around and its time for some updates. This post updates my previous post Facebook Admin Email Choices.

If you are like me and manage multiple page, or have a very active page you may not want to receive emails every time someone interacts with your page. You can turn off the email notification for pages, just as you can turn them off for profiles.

Follow these easy steps to turn on or off your admin emails.

Step 1

Go to the page you want to make changes for. (You’ll have to go to each page and repeat the steps if you have multiple pages you want changed.) At the top of the page click on Manage.


The choose Edit Page.

Step 2

You should recognize the admin/edit layout, which did not change when timeline was added. Chick on Your Settings.

Step 3

Uncheck the Email Notifications box; “Send notifications to 88888@*****.com when people post to, comment on, or message your page.”

Then click Save Changes and your done.

Got a question about being an admin of a page with the new timeline layout? I’d love to hear it. Drop it in the comments below.

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